Selfies and fun!

Some people think that artists are just crazy people, starving and living like hippies. (There are...) But others imagine we are like gods from Olympus, lol! Nothing like that. We are mortals like you, only with a gift of creativity and talent (means hundreds of hours of failure, studying, practice and hard work). 

We love sharing and talk with several media: painting, drawing, installing, shooting, making a video or a graphic design; many times listening to music, good, bad, classic, disco, merengue, bachata, techno, rock, RGB, country, heavy metal, blues, gospel or whatever!

Rated YYY. This is the weirdest section of the webpage. Must have at least 5 years old to watch, you've been warned!

Algunas personas piensan que los artistas somos justo gente loca, pasando hambre y viviendo como hippies (o vagos). (Los hay...) Pero otros imaginan que somos como dioses del Olimpo, jajaja. Nada como eso. Somos mortales como tú, solo que con un regalo o don de la creatividad y talento (significa cientos de horas de fracasos, estudio, práctica y duro trabajo).

Amamos compartir y hablar a través de varios medios: pintura, dibujo, instalando, fotografiando, haciendo un video o un diseño gráfico; muchas veces escuchando música, buena, mala, clásica, disco, merengue, bachata, techno, rock, RGB, country, metal pesado, blues, cristiana o ¡la que sea!

Clasificada YYY. Esta es la sección más loca de la página web. Debes tener al menos 5 años de edad para verla, ¡has sido advertido!

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  • Enrique Iglesias at Enriquillo's Solo Art Show. Inter-American Development Bank, (IADB, BID). Washington, D.C. 1996.
  • Sara
  • Sara at Samana.
  • Luis at Samana.
  • My brushes.
  • Interview at my studio with Spanish TV Star Elisa Sancho.
  • Woman XIX. Private Collection. N.Y.
  • Proud owners at my Naco's studio.
  • At my studio. 2000. Photo by Spanish Photographer Elena Segura.
  • Famous artist Ben Jones and colleague at my Art Solo Show in N.Y. Jadite Gallery. 2003.
  • Painter Enriquillo Rodriguez Amiama. Solo Art Show. Jadite Gallery. N.Y. 2003. Photo by Arthur.
  • Katalina Petrova and photographer  Eve Sonneman, with one of my flower paintings. Solo Art Show, Jadite Galleries. N.Y. 2003.
  • Designer Marni Sandler, my web teacher at Sessions Academy, with two friends. My Solo Show at Jadite Gallery, N.Y. 2003.
  • Manuel Camblor, Ilumel's Creativity Director and  Josie Ca
  • Roland Sainz, Director Jadite Galleries and painter Enriquillo.
  • Susan and Ed Phillips. Jadite Galleries, Enriquillo's Solo Art Show. 2003.
  • Visitors at my Solo Art Show, Jadite Galleries. N.Y. 2003.
  • Arthur, my web friend. Photographer. Jadite Galleries. N.Y. 2003.
  • Enriquillo. Photo by Arthur. N.Y. 2003.
  • Luis and Sara, Sunday 6-11-05.
  • Postcard to N.Y. Picasso's Art Dealer Marta Florin.
  • Dr Enriquillo
  • Dinner with President Friends of Modern Art Museum, Santo Domingo.
  • With Director of OEA Museum, Belgica Rodriguez. Washington, D.C. 1993.
  • Lunch with Spanish Bergantinos's Brothers, owners of Andy Warhol Collection, Art Show at Modern Art Museum, Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.
  • Interview at Channel 9 with Soraya Castillo.
  • Working at Desire's Icons, inspired in a Jasper Johns's painting. 2007.
  • Blue hands!
  • Starting mural painting.
  • At Mirada al Arte's Office with Director of MAM, Maria Elena Ditren and Vice-Director Enriquillo Amiama.
  • Sara Ines and Luis.
  • The Artistico working on sculpture of my right hand (Enriquillo Amiama painter).
  • Process of making a sculpture of my right hand by The Artistico. La Sirena. 2009.
  • Sara and her book.
  • With the two First Ladies, Margarita Cedeño de Fernandez and Milagros Ortiz Bosch.
  • Carolina Cruz de Martinez (wife of Hall of Fame Pitcher Pedro "El Grande" Martinez) and Luis Enrique at Baseball League Enrique Cruz.
  • At Jose and Petrica Leon village. Polo, Barahona. 2010.
  • Working of details of Global World Mural. 2008.
  • At the stairs.
  • Mas-reciente
  • With Culture Attache of U.S. Embassy, Culture Vice-Minister, Director of MAM and Vice-Director Enriquillo Amiama at Pop Art Show.
  • Vice-Director Artist Enriquillo Amiama with Staff of Modern Art Museum of Santo Domingo.
  • Vice-Director of Modern Art Museum, Artist Enriquillo Amiama, giving a speech at Yoryi Morel Retrospective Art Show.
  • With masters Guillo Perez and Miguel Nuñez, with Enriquillo Amiama, jurors at Cemex Children Art Contest.
  • My eyes and blue painting!
  • At a TV interview to artist Enriquillo Rodriguez Amiama.
  • Interview with Ana Mercy Otañez to contemporary artist Enriquillo Amiama. Channel 15.
  • Talking about new art projects! Enriquillo Amiama artist.
  • At my art studio with Raquel Sordo's contemporary landscape, (Spanish art collector) commisioned painting by Enriquillo Amiama. 2007.
  • With Samsung Promoters at Quisqueya Baseball Stadium and Sara with me.
  • Expo Glasgow. Gallery 23. 2008.
  •  Rodriguez Amiama family. Mexico. 1968.
  • Sara my princess.