Contemporary art maintains its vigor.

The most emblematic works of great creators are auctioned at record prices, and collectors are eager to get original pieces, technical quality, and powerful concepts.

The Dominican Republic is no exception. Two and a half months ago, a great event marked a landmark.

It is a before and after in the cultural sphere of the nation.

Tovar, Surrealismo Vivo, an immersive exhibition on par with the great shows of Van Gogh and other exceptional artists, attracted the favor of a large audience, both tourists from different parts of the world and Dominicans eager to learn about the life and work of the one of its stellar painters.

With the unwavering support and patronage of Rizek Cacao, more than 50,000 people had visited ours in Tovar in its first two months.

An exquisite combination of high-resolution images, musical sounds, and narrations in Spanish, captivate the public that gathers in a giant tent installed in the Plaza de España in front of the Alcázar de Colón in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo.

Given the attention generated, this exhibition was extended for another month and can continue being enjoyed until July 6.

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