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Enriquillo Amiama

I like art and the lives of artists, so much that I ended up becoming one of them.

It all starts with an idea.

My thoughts materialize with words. The first thing I learned was to decode those little symbols or signs that we call letters, syllables, and words. My mother taught me to read and then both my father and my grandfather turned me into a bookworm. Already at the age of five, I was devouring works such as “The Thousand and One Nights”.

I think that made me an imaginative being. I lived my childhood, creating heroes and beautiful women that I rescued.

Love has always been at the center of my equations. By inheritance, I am a rational mathematician and I do almost nothing without a thorough and objective analysis. I must make a great effort not to always fall into cold and dispassionate logic.

My perfect grades in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, chemistry, physics, and the Spanish language got me used to see life as a great theorem solved with concrete and objective steps. I consider myself a problem solver and likewise I approach the arts, as aesthetic problems that must always have an approach, hypothesis, development, and a conclusion.

I have had to learn to be flexible and allow emotions to play a role. Without passion, art could be perfect but maybe dead. And life fascinates me!




Amet Sit Consecteture

2015 – 2016


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2010 – 2015

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San Francisco, CA

Dec 2019

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Los Angeles

Feb 2018

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Featured In Hoy Newspaper

Throughout a creative and productive trajectory that spans four decades, Enriquillo Amiama (1962), experiments with different techniques, styles, resources, media, and themes, during the laborious process of construction of personal visual narratives and/or mythologies, polysynthetic, sophisticated, and powerfully suggestive that reaffirm him as one of the most innovative, notable and respected Dominican artists of the last five decades.

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Enriquillo Amiama

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