Immersed in emotion. Painting by Enriquillo Amiama

I Love Jasper Johns’s Art!


Immersed in emotion.
This painting shows my familiar blue and red striped sheets with a pair of mangoes.
These represent a couple of lovers in a dream environment.

Why abstract and realistic at the same time? I painted the mangoes and sheets as realistic as I could. But the abstract background is as if their emotions plunge them into a sea of ​​feelings of love, passion, and romance.
In the background is a small appropriation of one of Jasper Johns’ paintings.

After learning about the work of Jasper Johns, for me, the most extraordinary living artist, my vision of art changed radically.
On a whirlwind trip to Spain in 1996, I paid a visit to the Reina Sofía museum. In its bookstore, I bought a monograph whose cover seduced me.

It was about Jasper Johns

This book by Ediciones Polígrafa de Barcelona became an obligatory reference and reference book.

If memory serves, as early as 2000, I began to appropriate fragments of my favorite John’s works. A gallery invited me to participate in Art Miami in January 2001, and my first painting in homage to that immense artist was acquired by a couple from Florida.

It was exciting to see and hear the comments of the art lovers during those three days of intense activity.
However, as I do not like to repeat hits, few works related to the supreme king of pop.
In 2007, for a national biennial, I again took work by Jasper as a starting point for one of my most celebrated paintings, a good-size diptych in which I almost wholly reproduced a Johns painting, associating it with my most iconographic elements.

As I was deputy director of the Modern Art Museum of Dominican Republic, I had to participate out of competition. However, the specialized critics praised my work.

In the same way, other paintings that I created based on the themes of my favorite artist were combinations of targets with my geometric flowers, as well as some essays combining his paintings with some of my models. These girls make the realistic counterpart to his abstractions and pop art themes.

You could see more past artworks at this link

Green Target II painting by Enriquillo Amiama. Central Bank Collection.

The first image: Immersed In Emotion. Private collection.
Second image: Green Target II. Central Bank collection.