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2016  “Tropical Passion”. Cologne, Alemania.

2008  “Passion, Sensitivity and the Aesthetics of Montage” Gallery Bellarte, Seoul, Korea,

          “Honoring the Major Leagues” Curated by Abil Peralta, Alinka Arte Contemporáneo,
          Santo Domingo.

2003  “Women and Fruits, The Beauty of Symbols” Jadite Galleries, New York

2001  “Metaphors” Centro Gallery, San José, Costa Rica

2000  “Sixteen Years of Emotion” Retrospective Exhibition (1984-2000) Volunteering Museum                 Las Casas Reales, Casa de Bastidas and La Galería Gallery, Santo Domingo.

          “The Dominicans Yes We Know About Mango” Joint Expo with Proyecto Bon                                  Agroindustrial Casa del Cordón, Santo Domingo.

1999  “Melody of Memory” Mateo Sariel Gallery, Panama, Republic of Panama

1998  “Concert of Passions” Centro Gallery, San José, Costa Rica

1997  “The Abstraction of Romance II” Mateo Sariel Gallery, Panama
         “The Abstraction of Romance” Portales Gallery, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and Gallery
         Contemporary Plastic, Guatemala City, Guatemala

1996  “The Persistence of Romance” Art Gallery of the Inter-American Development Bank,
         Washington. D.C.

1995  “Romantic Themes” Exhibition Hall of the Dominican Office of Tourism in Montreal,                     Canada.
         “Enriquillo Amiama” Fundraising art exhibit for Jean Talon Hospital. Montreal.

1993  “Interior Landscapes” Volunteering of the Museum of the Royal Houses, Casa de                         Bastidas, Santo Domingo

1992  “To Build Your Dreams” (Favorite Subjects) Bastidas House and  Modern Art  Museum,               Santo Domingo.

1988  IV Individual Exhibition, The Gallery, Santo Domingo

1987  “There is a Country in the World” The Gallery

1986  “Serene Journey through Seas of Passion,” The Gallery

1984  “Looking for Peaceful Worlds” Paiewonsky Gallery, Santo Domingo