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Twitter is my favorite network


Although I have a presence on other social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, it is on Twitter where I have found a more receptive audience.

The ease of starting conversations, discussions, and receiving feedback makes Twitter defined as a microblogging network, as a favorite. Someone says that their objective is to have short and objective publications that facilitate the transmission of information.

I started using it in 2009, but it was years later that I realized its potential. Reading tutorials and e-books, I learned a little about its operation, and in 2016 I restarted my participation with only 150 accounts, many of them porn. I blocked the worst, and I stayed with only about 90. In a year, I had reached 30K, and thus I progressed until today to the figure of 135 thousand followers.

The truth is that I love to tweet and share topics about art and culture.

If you haven’t followed me, I’ll wait for you!

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