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Beeple famous NFT.

On Thursday, June 10, 2021, as its “Natively Digital” curated NFT sale ended, Sotheby’s scored a huge win by selling one of its Larva Labs CryptoPunks for $11,754,000. Further perpetuating the roster of NFT-affiliated victories recently racked up by Christie’s, UC Berkeley, and even the New York Times! (From Observer)

What was thought to be a passing fad has been gaining strength. Still, for many artists, this is crazy!

What do you think about the NFTs?

Some say that it is the future of art, and others say that it is a bubble, something temporary.

With the 69 million that they paid for a digital mosaic by artist Beeple, I have noticed that many accounts have suddenly sprung up on Twitter, posting NFT and bidding and buying. It’s interesting; hopefully, it’s not a passing phenomenon!

Mike Winkelmann is Beeple. In March 2021, his work Every day: the first 5000 days; a collage of images from his “Every Day” series sold for the cryptocurrency equivalent, Ethereum, at US$ 69,346,250. It makes it the third most expensive work of art by a living artist. This is the first purely non-expendable token sold by Christie’s auction house. Every day it is the first NFT to be sold through an auction house, and it is the first sale at Christie’s that can be paid for with Ethereum!

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