Art Matters


Princess of the Moon. IG Stories. Painting by Enriquillo Amiama. Contemporary artist

Princess of the Moon. My Facebook Project, IG Stories. Painting. Oil, acrylic, and wood collage on canvas. 50″ x 50″

Art matters because creativity is essential to life. I live obsessed with beauty, love, happiness, and how to share it.

Paintings, drawings, and digital art let us dialog between our souls and minds with the external world and transform our habitat into a better one.

Art criticism

Enriquillo Amiama belongs to a new generation of Dominican artists who have appropriated formal and conceptual elements characteristic of the historical avant-gardes. As a pioneer in this plastic current, called today Postmodernism, since 1982, in a coherent way, he fuses characteristic elements of symbolism, abstraction, hyper-realism, as well as emblematic iconographies of recognized artists.

From the reuse of anachronistic aesthetics, appropriation, and paraphrasing, Enriquillo Amiama has created his own style that could be defined as new pop art, whose theme and concept is expressed in paintings, installations, videos, digital art, and more today, using the medium “Facebook” as a plastic substance.

Belgica Rodriguez

Belgica Rodríguez is a former president of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), a UNESCO NGO. She is currently AICA’s Honorary Ad Vitam President. Former director of the Art Museum of the Americas, OEA, Washington, D.C.

News:  Next Solo Show

The next big event is my XXI Solo Art Show at Modern Art Museum in Santo Domingo.

It will be exciting to engage with art lovers for two months at our main museum, the Dominican Modern Art Museum!

Forty years later 

A retrospective view from my art 1982-2022