Artist Statement

I am a communicator. I seek to share my inner world with as many people as possible.

I think everything is real and everything is abstract. I do not care because it is something mathematical, that of the order of factors.

I am postmodern. From the beginning, I decided to mix everything that appealed to me, regardless of whether it made sense or not.

For me, color is enough, it is a theme, and it is the unifying and cohesive element of all.

I recently learned from my friend Jerry Saltz, about “the otherness of art”.

I believe in some absolute values.

I love words like love, sex, peace, harmony, happiness, hope.

I take things what other artists have already done. Art critics call that appropriation, and if you know how to be astute and give it an intellectual and self-righteous air, it helps not to be accused of plagiarism or copyright theft!

And Kitsch fascinates me.