Artist Statement

I am a communicator. I seek to share my inner world with as many people as possible.
I am a painter.
I am a photographer.
I am a writer.
I am human.

I think everything is real and everything is abstract. Or the other way around, all abstract and then all real. I do not care because it is something mathematical, that about the order of the factors.
My work is an extension of my thoughts and my worldview. I am postmodern. From the beginning, I decided to mix everything that appealed to me, regardless of whether it made sense or not.

For me, color is enough, it is a theme, and it is the unifying and cohesive element in all my work. There may be differences in style, themes, media, but color reigns supreme in my compositions. I am crazy about artistic composition. Sometimes I spend more time imagining, sketching, analyzing the compositions, until I feel deep down that the elements that make up –redundancy? — the painting, or the photo, or the installation is in internal harmony, that each one is part of everything greater than my limitations, abilities, and criteria. This, I recently learned from my friend Jerry Saltz, who calls it “the otherness of art” which would be translated as the “alterity” of art.

I believe in some absolute values. This implies that I have a spiritual belief system and principles that incline me towards certain things and away from others.

I love words like love, sex, peace, harmony, happiness, hope.

My work is autobiographical and draws on my experiences, memories, wishes, desires, and sometimes whims.
I take today and now as much as yesterday and after. Present, past, and future are cordially invited to enter my world. Just as I leave or force to enter what other artists, writers, filmmakers, have already done. Art critics call that appropriation, and if you know how to be astute and give it an intellectual and self-righteous air, it helps not to be accused of plagiarism or copyright theft!

And Kitsch fascinates me. As well as the ten artists that Matthew Israel analyzes in his book “The Big Picture”.

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