Grandes Dominicanos

Grandes Dominicanos is a collection or library of books in several volumes. It highlights the qualities of leaders in various areas such as politics, health, the arts, and other prominent professionals in their respective branches.

Still Life in Oils

Featuring the work of 22 high-caliber artists drawn from all over the world. A very popular painting media, oil is perfect the controlled conditions of still life painting.


Caribe y Centroamerica

A collection of artworks from some of the top Caribbean artists


Arte e Historia En La Colección De Artes Visuales Del Banco Popular Dominicano

Banco Popular is the leader in private banking in the Dominican Republic. Its extensive art collection spans nearly a century of creation. Both masters of the past and avant-garde artists of more recent products are shown in this luxury book that reaffirms the commitment of Banco Popular with its society and at the same time spreads the national culture worldwide.