XXI Enriquillo Amiama

Princess of the Moon. IG Stories. Painting by Enriquillo Amiama. Contemporary artist


Enriquillo Amiama celebrates his forty years in art and, at the same time, his return to the Dominican art scene, where he had not exhibited individually since 2008.

A selection of works will be exhibited on two floors of the Museum of Modern Art of the Dominican Republic.

Curated by Maria Brito

From June 23, 2022, to August 25, 2022

XXI marks the 40th anniversary of Enriquillo Amiama’s career and presents 66 paintings organized in a thematic way.

As a consummate comm­­­­unicator, voracious student of art history, and sharply observant of current events, the perspective of Enriquillo Amiama stands on both the universal and the local, which he mingles seamlessly in his work.

In his practice, which started in 1982 with a postmodernist approach that is anti-hierarchical by nature, Amiama moves with ease from abstraction, to still lifes, to landscapes, to figuration, refusing to be boxed in any single definition.

Often mixing different styles and media, he has created his own tropical pictorial language and blended it with a range of genres from the past and the present.

Obsessive with composition and technique, it’s possible to find paintings in Amiama’s body of work that combines the use of letters, words, and graphic elements with hyperrealism and abstract shapes.

Being one of the most celebrated and prolific contemporary Dominican artists, Amiama has captured the essence of the Caribbean and unapologetically fused it with pop art.

The evolution of his work from the geometric forms of the 1980s to the social media-inspired paintings of the present shows his insatiable curiosity for the world around him and his willingness to explore it with rigor in composition and elasticity in subject matters.

This unprecedented retrospective of early, mid-career, and recent paintings will provide a refreshing outlook to old and new followers of Amiama and his work.

Maria Brito, Curator