Art Show Capitol Puerto Rico. Enriquillo Amiama
Painting by Enriquillo Amiama. Capitol Puerto Rico

A magical encounter in the Capitol of Puerto Rico

By Juan José Mesa.


As curator of the Dominican part of the joint pictorial exhibition of artist Puerto Ricans and Dominicans under the heading “From here and there,”

sponsored by the Hon. Rafael -Tatito- Hernández Montañez, president of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, as part of the official

program of “Culturarte con tu Camara” directed by Mr. Marcos Alegria Serrano –one of the most virtuous exponents of current Puerto Rican painting

– I can assure you that the opening of this exhibition will mark the beginning of a new and essential stage to strengthen the existing

cultural ties between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, two of the most dynamic of the Caribbean and Latin America.

I feel honored and grateful to be able to collaborate with Rubén Moreira on this initiative,

which, opens the doors to future and well-deserved exhibitions and decorations.

The walls of the “Julio Tous Soto” exhibition hall of the Capitol, in the presence of diplomatic authorities and Dominican and Puerto Rican cultures,

dress up with aesthetic and conceptual similarities of a formidable group of Caribbean artists made up of Marcos Alegria, Dafne Elvira, Felipe Jiménez Marcell, Dennis Mario Rivera, Jorge Romero, and Orlando Vallejo,  “From here”;

and by Ada Balcacer, Carlos Hinojosa, Manuel Nina Cisneros, Miguel Nuñez, Ramón Oviedo, Enriquillo Amiama, and Alberto Ulloa, “From there”.

Consecrated masters and painters, modern and contemporary, that through different formats and media; in the absence of prior dialogue coincide in the reflection on our identity.

Necessary seed to generate a parallel of purposes and speeches, far beyond common interests, the strengthening of our art and our artists shared practices, and what can be seen with the naked eye.


The author is an independent art curator committed to research and director of the Mesa Gallery Fine Art in the Dominican Republic.