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How To Become A Successful Artist

How To Become A Successful Artist

How To Become A Successful Artist by Magnus Resch   Two months ago I bought "How To Become A Successful Artist". It is not the first book I have related to art business advice, but I was literally in shock. I devoured it, ate it, tasted every chapter, and...

Art As Spectacle!

Art As Spectacle!

Art as a show   I prepared this article after reading the adventures of Jerry Saltz trying to visit Art Basel Miami at the beginning of December 1919. Any such criteria were pure coincidence or premeditated my deviance. Either of these criteria was purely...

I Love Twitter!

I Love Twitter!

Twitter is my favorite network   Although I have a presence on other social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, it is on Twitter where I have found a more receptive audience. The ease of starting conversations, discussions, and receiving feedback makes...