Recent Artworks

The Day I met Jerry Saltz. Painting by Enriquillo Amiama. Diptych. Acrylic and wood collage on canvas. 20 "x 60"

The Day I met Jerry Saltz and I started to paint a Picasso My Way.  Diptych. Acrylic and wood collage on canvas. 30″x 40″

You are looking at some of my most recent artworks. Many I’m working on them from 2018 to these days!

A complex and enthusiastic work

(Excerpt) 2021

The still life of Enriquillo Amiama, with his famous mangoes, occupy a very special place, not only in his work but in Dominican painting, where that genre, secularly traditional in its theme and faithfully academic workmanship, was, with exceptions, among the teachers, more youth work, and, in the Generation of 80, we can also consider Enriquillo Rodríguez Amiama an exception. A mixed style, refined technique, and focused mainly on the classical, would place it in the current of “cultured painting”, for his careful craft.

Important themes, older for a time and then reiterated, are the landscape and still life. As for the portraits, they were also … mangoes, both realistic and unusual, metaphors of feelings and “Sacralized” creatures! Enriquillo -he himself recognized it- remembered variations of the Mexican Marta Chapa on the apple. Now right is mango the apple of the Caribbean? Laughing, Oswaldo Guayasamín said that the mango should have been, in the Bible, the forbidden fruit.

Enriquillo Amiama has integrated figuration in landscaping, above all abstract, lyric, and gestural elements. This trait, conceptually and aesthetically remarkable, has led to tributes to Dominican and foreign teachers…

If Enriquillo proceeded to the reinvention of national teachers and of the French Henri Matisse, is mainly the North American Jasper Johns that inspired him, through overlays, reliefs, geometry, everything converted into a Dominican landscape, painting within a painting. This tribute and dialogue between Jasper and Enriquillo declared seems to us both more logical that John’s is one of the painters who have changed the subject the most and styles: recent neo-figurative works allow little recognition of the ancient abstract …

Also, Jasper Johns used to say, “If you do one thing more than once, you can get better results.” This is how the Dominican artist paints, “more than one time”…

Marianne de Tolentino / Art critic / ADCA – AICA / Director of the National Gallery of Fine Arts.