2021  “Art Weekend Santo Domingo”                    September 2021. Mesa Fine Art                    Gallery



2020 «inspulsos. 7 Artists. Recent works ». Contemporary Art Center. Santo                         Domingo. Dominican Republic.

2019 “Arts & Flights” Joint Expo D’Art Collective. Las Americas International Airport.

        “Arts & Cars” Joint Expo D’Art Collective. Autobox. Santo Domingo. Dominican           Republic.

          “Idolatry” Collective Exhibition. 18 Visual Artists interpret the novel by Jimmy            Sierra. Museum of the Royal Houses. Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.

          «Color, life and folklore: Casandra Damirón. On the 100th anniversary of her            birth. Group Show. Perelló Cultural Center, Baní. Chapel of the Remedies,                  Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.

2018  «Expo Mexico 2017: Day of the Dead» Pedro Henríquez Ureña National                        University Library (UNPHU). Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.

2017  «Expo Mexico 2017: Day of the Dead» Theater House. Santo Domingo.                       Republic.

2012  “The power of culture» XX Anniversary of the Cultural Center of the                           Development Inter-American Bank. IDB. Washington D.C. United States.

2011  «Linked Areas» A selection of the collections from the Banco Popular                         collection. Inauguration of the Perelló Cultural Center. Perelló Foundation.                 Baní, Dominican Republic.

         “Let’s Talk About Identity” Tribute to Master Cándido Bido. Curated by Lilian

         Carrasco. Francisco Nader Latin American Art. Santo Domingo.

2010  “Dominican Art Live II” Super Channel. Channel 33. Santo Domingo,                            Dominican Republic.

2009  “Dominican Art Live” Super Channel. Channel 33.

          Pro-fund auction Museum of Modern Art of the Dominican Republic. Inspired            works in the figure of Frida Kahlo.

          Hanwool Annual Exhibition, Korea-Latin America Art Exhibition, University

          Seoul National.

          SOAF 2009, Seoul Open Art Fair.

          09 KIAF Korea International Art Fair.

          THE 2009 EXHIBITION of KOREA- Japan- America, Contemporary Art for                  Peace, KCAA, Korea Contemporary Art Association.

2008   International Art Fair Song Nam, Korea.

           «Contemporary Latin American Art Wave» Lamer Gallery, Korea.

           Latin Art Sancheok Culture & Art Center, Seoul, Korea.

           MANIF 14 SEOUL 08.

2007   «Caribbean Colors. Selected Works by Artists from Dominican Republic                     »Gallery 23. Glasgow.

           «Romancing Quisqueya» Art Space Galleries. London. UK.

2006  «Artists in two ways, Writers who paint. Painters who write »IX Book Fair.                    Santo Domingo.

          «Presence of Dominican Art» Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia              and Dominican American National Roundtable, Atlantic City, New Jersey,                  sponsored by Staples, USA

2005  BanReservas pictorial collection on its 64th anniversary, Palacio de Borgellá,            Santo Domingo. R.D.

2004  Masters of Dominican Art, DATE 04 House of Culture Puerto Plata, R.D.

          «Central American and Caribbean figurative art» Francisco Nader Art                        Gallery. Santo Domingo, R.D.

2001   Art Miami 2001

2000  «Dominican Art» Bahamas Central Bank.

           «International Art Fair in Toronto» Francisco Nader Gallery.

1999  “Between play and creativity” – «Artist’s Tie» curated by Guido Tucci, Italy.

         «Hispanic Artists of the Caribbean” Inner Tropical Center of the Arts, Miami,               Florida.

         “Eight Contemporary Painters from Puerto Rico and the Dominican                            Republic” Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.

         «80/90: Dominican Art Today» Museum of Modern Art of Cartagena,                          Colombia.

1998  “Dominican Art in Argentina” Buenos Aires, Argentina.

         «Art of Central America and the Caribbean» GTZ Eschborn, Germany.

         “Dominican art” Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.

        “Still Lifes” Central Bank, Costa Rica.

        «Second Summit of the Americas, Chile. Contemporary Dominican Artists, Una

        Panoramic view »George Nader Latin-American Art.

1997  “Three Dominican artists in Puerto Rico” Coabey Gallery.

         “Latin American Art” Montreal, Canada.

         Opening of the Mateo Sariel Gallery. Panama.

1996  “Fifteen Dominican painters in the House of Latin America” ​​Paris, France.

         XX National Biennial of Visual Arts, joint installation with the artist Carlos                   Acero, Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.

1995  Art Miami 95.

         «Indigo Inter-Caribbean Arts Festival 95» Guadeloupe.

         First International Arts Fair. Mexico.

         «Women», House of France. Santo Domingo.

         Tribute to the poet Manuel del Cabral, Hostal Nicolas de Ovando. Santo                     Domingo.

1994  Art Miami 94. FIA, Caracas.

         Chicago International Art Exposition Gallery Nader.

         XVI International Festival of Painting Cagnes-sur-Mer, Francia.

         “Top Artist I From Dominican Republic”, San Diego, California.

         ARAFI 94, Miami.

         C & Ogrzey Fine Art Collection Berlin, Germany.

1993  Chicago International Art Exposition.

          FIA, Caracas.

1992  «Contemporary Dominican Painting in Israel»

          XIV Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest. Srta. Ercilia Pepin Culture Center.                  Santiago. RD.

          Dominican Art Exhibition in Israel. Various museums in Israel. 1989

1988  Exhibition of Abstract Art Institute of Hispanic Culture, Santo Domingo.

         «The last 10 years of the Dominican Plastic» Dominican-American Cultural                 Institute ICDA, Santo Domingo.

         «Dominican Art Today», Museum of Art and History, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1986  «Signs and symbols of the Dominican Republic» Latin American Museum of              the OAS, Washington. D.C.

          V Ibero-American Art Biennial “Still life or still life” Mexico.

1985  VII Biennial of Valparaíso, Chile.

         “Art of the Dominican Republic”, National Library of Canada and State                     University of Ottawa.