Me and my parents

Do I like Art? Can I Become an Artist?

You may have ever wondered how you know if you can be an artist.

If you are reading this post, I imagine you like art.

I loved drawing since I was a child; but I also had fun playing baseball, basketball, and marbles with my friends from the neighborhood.

At the age of fourteen, I decided to be a painter. Several factors went into it.

The most decisive was my mother. I was born and raised watching drawings and watercolor paintings that she had made in her youth.

Then, my fascination with my mother’s works on paper led me to take a correspondence course. It was from a California school called Modern School.

I thank my dad for paying for that humorous and comic drawing course. It was the formal beginning of my artistic studies.
After doing my homework, in my spare time, I spent hours studying and drawing.

Every month I sent by mail the exercises that a professor back in the USA reviewed, corrected, and graded and a whole year passed like this.

Then I won first prize in a children’s contest, comprising a full scholarship to an art school for children and young people. The teacher’s name was Nidia Serra.

She taught me watercolor and gouache. I loved mixing colors and working with live models.

Still life and landscapes were the main themes. In the afternoons, we sometimes went around the area looking for interesting topics.

From those first experiences, I liked the live landscape, although I prefer to take pictures and thus capture the moment of light that changes rapidly.


I write to you these anecdotes to inspire you to try if you feel inclined towards the arts.

Try to draw, find books to guide you, and if you can, enroll in an art course for beginners.

Many times we are unsure of anything and living the experience is that we discover what was hidden!

See you in another post!