How To Be An Artist by Jerry Saltz.

How to be an artist?

Many people ask me this question. They want to know how one becomes an artist.

Even painters who have already started their careers sometimes feel stagnant, indecisive. They make art sporadically.

Over the years, I have given different answers. But in April 2020, I have learned new things thanks to a book called this: “How to be an artist.”

Written by famed art critic Jerry Saltz, this literary gem answers these and many other questions with clarity and practical examples.

Jerry’s advice and recommendations are not technical or commercial. They are stimulants of creativity and help in the whole process of becoming an artist, from start to finish.

He divides his book into six steps and 63 chapters.

The first step is about things that we should think about even before we start. Then how to start this adventure to become an artist, and thus we continue to receive advice, warnings, and many practical examples to discover our favorite style and themes.

I like to reread some chapters again and again as a reference or gain some powerful vitamins to energize my body and mind, like when you drink an energy drink!