Enriquillo Amiama at work.

I like the textures, the curves, the intersections. I am visual, although the other senses also connect me with the outside. After seeing, the second thing that gives me the most pleasure is to touch, to feel the varieties in the topography of the canvas, of the paper, sometimes rough, other times very smooth.

The third sense in order of importance is for me the auditory one. It fascinates me to combine seeing with hearing, listening. Not every sound pleases me. I paint with music and when I am restless or confused, in the middle of a technical quagmire in a painting, my favorite sound is silence.

So I can listen to myself and find answers to the many time’s compositional problems that have suddenly presented themselves to me.
What do I have left? Ah, smell and taste. Those two do not paint anything in the paint, I emphasize the redundancy. At least for me!

Now I listen to pop music from the ’80s. Well, let’s say from the late ’70s to the early ’90s. There is good musical quality and lyrics with romance, with inspiration. Today something is in a fashion that I do not assure you can consider music in all cases. And the lyrics better not to mention.

Many colleagues tell me that they listen to music when painting or making art in general. The genders are as diverse as the heads of each one.

For me the best of all is classical music. It is the perfection of sound. But sometimes it is so harmonious that it gently drags the mind toward peace and rest. And amid the busyness and heat of the day, Morpheus can suddenly appear and tempt us to take a nap. This is why I tend to prefer the more violent rhythms and chords of pop and disco music.

Each boom makes me jump inside and jolt and energize my body. This is transferred to the work that is suddenly excited and takes on new life, intensifies, moves. The brush or brush dance from here to there and the rhythms, the brush strokes create new visual paths, while the tonal and chromatic contrasts intensify. There is a rhythm of the images, through the shapes, colors, lights, and lines.

For today I conclude this session. Good evening!