Twitter is my favorite social media! I love it!


More than 300 million people are active on Twitter, sharing tweets with comments, photos, and videos.

For me, Twitter is like a great and mighty river that is always alive, in motion. The tweets arrive and soon others come and if we do not save them we may soon forget some of them!

Maybe you like Twitter too. Maybe not.

I want to share with you my experience with this amazing social media.

Although I have a presence on other social networks, such as Facebook and IG, it is on Twitter where I have found a more receptive audience.

The ease of starting conversations, discussions, and receiving feedback makes Twitter defined as a microblogging network, as a favorite.
Someone said that their goal is to have short and real-life publications that facilitate the transmission of information.

I started using Twitter in 2009. But it was years later that I realized its potential.
And reading tutorials and e-books, I learned a little about its operation, and in 2016 I restarted my participation.

By that time I saw I only had 150 accounts, many of them just porn.
I blocked the worst, and I stayed with only about 90. In a year, I had reached 30K, and thus I progressed until today to the figure of 135 thousand followers.

The truth is that I love to tweet and share topics about art and culture

For different reasons, I grew up as a shy person and a lover of solitude.
Art and books have always been my best companions.
I am a patient of obsessive-compulsive disorder, TOC, and I suffer from severe depression.

Socializing on social networks has helped me not focus on myself and share with others the topics that I am most passionate about, be it art, literature, music, cinema, nature, beauty, spirituality, and others.

I am very grateful for the opportunity that Twitter has given me to reach so many fantastic and beautiful people worldwide!

If you haven’t followed me, I’ll wait for you! Follow me here!