How To Become A Successful Artist. By Magnus Resch.

How To Become A Successful Artist by Magnus Resch


Two months ago I bought “How To Become A Successful Artist”. It is not the first book I have related to art business advice, but I was literally in shock. I devoured it, ate it, tasted every chapter, and highlighted paragraphs with my yellow Staedtler Texsurfer classic.

The author, Magnus Resch, dedicated the book to his father. I think he was proud of him. I also have “100 Secrets of the Art World”. A guy with a Ph.D. in Economics and a genuine love for arts is a win-win math formula.

I was fascinated with so much valuable and applicable information. The day after I started reading it, I went out with my children, and the book was part of our conversation.

Other artists have already bought it after my recommendation.

Magnus liked the review I gave him on Amazon, and he thanked me via Instagram.

To my fellow artists, I could shout: Buy this book and read it two or three times, and start making your network right now!