Art Process


The image above is a detail of my palette!

Since the beginning of September, I’ve been working on a new painting. I am combining a couple of appropriations of still life by Picasso with my world. It has not been easy to create a personal composition with such a special guest.

I had to erase one element in the upper area. Why is deleting something is as vital to me as its outcome? We talk about art; it is not mechanical.
I wanted a prominent visual element in the upper part of the painting, which would attract attention, but at the same time was related to the main image in formal and chromatic terms.
The tiny flowers, leaves, and others are linked to the fruits of Picasso’s still lifes.
In turn, green is familiar to the background color of the museum wall.

They are analogous colors, although in different shades.
In my works, the process of realization or execution is as important as the message and the final image.

I like to leave clues of how I did things. It is like life; fun is enjoying the process because living is a sum of moments and experiences of all kinds.

From each situation, I think we can create something good, learning, a memory, a change, a warning, a rush of endorphins when it makes us laugh, and a smile as we continue our way.
Now let’s keep painting!