Happy Day At The Town. Painting by contemporary artist Enriquillo Amiama

Happy Day At The Town. Some secrets about it!

I started this work in 2019 and recently finished it. I plan to exhibit it in my next solo art show at the Modern Art Museum in Santo Domingo in June 2022.

This detail or approach allows you to see those little secrets that this painting has. They can only be seen if you get close enough to the surface of the painting.

My purpose was to work in a naturalistic landscape and turn it into abstraction through the use of language. I changed most brushstrokes for letters of the alphabet and personal writings.

I wrote about love, happiness, leaving a kind of letter to the observer.

Some History

The first time I used letters and numbers in a painting was in 1985, but to use them in a systematic way I started doing it in 2014.

Obviously, all of the above connected me with pop art.

And I also owe a lot to Matisse, one of my favorite artists (often mentioned by critics when they see the color of my paintings).  And to Hockney, with his very personal and simplified images of California landscapes!

If you see all my paintings, not only from my beginnings but for example my recent works, you may feel confused.

I don’t seem to have a particular line or style. This is no accident. I once said in one of those artist statements that we make from time to time, that my style is not to have a style.

It seems bombastic or perhaps arrogant. But it is not that, it is that I really do not like having a label, a recipe to make my works.

Every day I paint looking for something new, something to contribute. I look for something that excites my mind and leads me to try new creative and expressive avenues.

About Art Market

If a work of mine is very successful with the critics or the public, it is very likely that I will not paint something similar again. Why? Because I am not a copy machine and I hate to paint something that I already know.

Although it is easier to do it and it will probably be more commercially successful. That is because it has already been shown that it likes it.

For this reason and others, it didn’t take long to work with art galleries. Since they want to force me to paint what is safe, what is sold, they have already lost me. I do what I do for pure creative pleasure, although obviously, I have to sell in order to continue dedicated to art.

I really enjoyed expressing my joie de vivre!