Red Notice Movie On Netflix!

I was browsing Instagram and saw a recent post from Gal Gadot, one of my favorite actresses. She advertised the movie Red Notice.

On Saturday nights I usually watch movies on Netflix. Well, movies or some chapter of a series.

Other artists have an intense social life, but in my case, I am used to loneliness. After painting all week, watching something on Netflix is ​​refreshing, and however, you want it to connect one with art, the seventh art!

Then I immediately went to the platform and saw it.

Message to the actors:

I wrote something like this to her, Ryan, and The Rock:

Hi! I saw your ad here and searched Netflix for the movie. My only regret is that it is over!!! How funny! Fantastic! You three have fabulous chemistry, I couldn’t get off the screen for a second!
Wow! You are extraordinary!

And to Gal: Thank you for being you and giving me two unforgettable hours!!! I’ve seen all your movies and I admire you more and more. May God bless you and your beautiful family! Hugs from Santo Domingo!

Movie Review:

Red Notice is an action and comedy movie. Some scenes look like a Mission Impossible or James Bond action-packed one, but the comic dialogues break the realistic logic and return us to the characters, magnificently interpreted. They are a trio of rogues, against some villains that, I don’t want to spoil. LOL Nobody is bad, nobody is good!

Film critics sometimes miss out on the great fun by concentrating every minute on details or glitches, instead of enjoying the magic of fantasy and creativity.

I think that they forget that the fundamental purpose of cinema is to amuse, entertain, not to give an academic chair or a doctorate.

I enjoyed a world watching this trio, in alternate pairs, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, a real wonder woman!

A Call To Action!

If you haven’t seen Red Notice, run and don’t miss it!