Princess of the Moon. IG Stories. Painting by Enriquillo Amiama. Contemporary artist

The Metaverse Is Real!

I wrote a short letter to Mark Zuckerberg talking about the amazing news about the Metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the word metaverse many times during the recent Facebook Connect keynote presentation.

Mark said: “the best way to understand the Metaverse is to experience it yourself, but it’s a little tough because it doesn’t fully exist yet.”

And described this as an “even more immersive and embodied internet” where “you’re gonna be able to do almost anything you can imagine—get together with friends and family, work, learn, play, shop, create—as well as entirely new categories that don’t really fit how we think about computers or phones today.”

As a huge fan of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, I started creating my artworks as “My Facebook Project” since year 2010.

Then, with the powerful entrance of Instagram, I rebranded my art as IG Stories, creating a new artistic reality inspired by his lovely flagship (Instagram) and combining the styles of hyperrealism, abstract art, and pop, all together in postmodern art, the pure essence of the new Meta universe!

Princess of the Moon

My painting “Princess of the Moon” IG Stories” shows stylish lenses where a beautiful girl sees the world from several perspectives at the same time. On the left, she is watching the moon, and by the other side, she is watching a landscape and a bright star, all at the same time!

This artwork that took me a whole year to complete, could be the “Monalisa” of the new Metaverse!

I want Mark to know my Instagram-inspired works, and we can join forces to accelerate the creative process that will lead us to the most friendly and fun virtual reality.

With my next retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, next year God ahead I will show these works in which Instagram becomes part of art and integrates with its icons into my paintings and drawings.