Bestseller book How Creativity Rules The World by Maria Brito

A must-read for anyone who wants to turn their ideas into gold!

I already have two weeks with the new bestseller by María Brito.

More than reading, I have been studying it. Yes, studying, because from the first page, it caught me. I discovered that it is a gold mine.

I read, highlight, annotate and stop at each Alchemy Lab to think, and string together ideas. Then, immediately I put them to work.

Demolishing myths and explaining from its origins what creativity is and its relationship with business, María Brito brings us an intense, clean, and fun book.

She shows us the way to follow to develop creative habits. These can lead us to success in any biz.

nriquillo Amiama with Maria Brito bestseller How Creativity Rules The World

I know firsthand that this is so.
My paintings have generated millions of dollars for me over 40 years. How? Applying creative principles and methodologies that many artists know.

Maria’s book has taught me so many new things that it has left me hooked.

As my friend Jerry Saltz says, we are total amateurs. So, there is always room to grow!

Each chapter is a motivating challenge.

It helps us awaken our creative capacities and maximize them with the contributions that María gives us from her experiences and from the people, entrepreneurs, and artists who teach us what can be achieved when we exercise and develop a creative mindset.

There is no room for failure!

More about Maria Brito

Maria Brito is a leading New York-based contemporary art advisor, author, and curator. Se is a Harvard Law School graduate, originally from Venezuela.

Selected by Complex as one of “20 Art World Power Players”, she was named by ARTnews as “one of the innovators who gets to shape the art world”.

Brito writes for HuffPost, Entrepreneur, Artnet, Elle, Forbes, Cultured, Departures, Goop, and the Gulf Coast Journal of Literature and Fine Arts from the University of Houston, Texas.

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