Joan Mitchell, an abstract expressionism master

It’s been a few months since my retrospective of 40 years in art opened. Family problems have left me sad and depressed, and it has been difficult for me to create new things.

I have always wanted to be creative and innovative, sometimes maybe obsessively.

Experience has led me to understand that I am not a genius.

I struggle to get up, resume my passion for painting, and continue building worlds where beauty displaces evil and horror. I think that I am in one of those crucial moments in which we stop and take a new direction, a turning point.

Matisse is always fascinating and one of my favorites. His colorful and lively compositions, Jasper Johns and his untamed and incredible rising creativity, and other artists I have met through Artsy, The Art Newspaper, and Artforum.

Loving Joan Mitchell!

I’ve been keeping my eye on the extraordinary Joan Mitchell. Her very personal way of interpreting her favorite impressionist painters through abstract expressionism amazes me.

A master of Abstract Expressionism, Mitchell created a body of work in the USA and France with all the power a top artist could make.

Her lively brushwork and courage make her art look powerful and different from many paintings considered made by women.

Sometimes I could imagine that she was trying to reinterpret Monet and other impressionist artists in a more contemporary and gestural way. That is captivating.

If it had been in the tropics seeing our intense light that scatters colors to its fullest capacity, I think she would have stayed a long time in our fields and beaches.

I want to experiment with these things. Borrow from anywhere, as I have been doing for decades. And continue building spaces of pleasure, aesthetics, and vital reflection.

Art is life, and if I have it, I don’t seem to have any other option but to live, that is, to paint.

Her work is represented by David Zwirner